Kitchen barstools

Designers and manufacturers of bespoke oak furniture.
Traditional craftsmanship with a modern twist.

We have always been renowned for the quality stools we make and are excited to add to the classics this year – the ‘H’ range. made from beautiful ash and walnut.

The swivel seat barstools are a firm favourite which can be hand painted to match your kitchen. The oak classic range are ever-popular as they have such a simple quality.

Hotchkiss Oak Furniture
MATLOCK swivel seat bar stool
Horchkiss Oak Furniture
CLASSIC swivel seat barstool
Hotchkiss Oak Furniture
CLASSIC barstool available in 23″ and 27″ heights


The “H” barstool range

Hotchkiss Oak Furniture
Hotchkiss Oak Furniture
Stools available in 27″ to 32″ heights